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CLASSES PROGRAMS TOURS LOCATIONS FA L L 2 0 1 5 HEART AND VASCULAR INSTITUTE 2 Heart and Stroke Risk Assessments andor Blood Pressure Screenings FREE Abington Jeerson Health is pleased to oer community-based free heart and stroke risk assessments and blood pressure screenings. Take steps necessary to monitor your blood pressure and assess your risk for heart attack or stroke. Nurses will review ways to reduce your risk identify early signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke and when to call 9-1-1. No registration is required. Walk-ins are welcome. information 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington dates rst Monday of each month time 10 AM to 12 NOON location AHC Warminster Main Lobby dates rst Wednesday of each month time 10 AM to 12 NOON location Abington Hospital Widener Building Shorday Atrium dates rst Thursday of each month time 1030 AM to 12 NOON location Abington Lansdale Hospital Main Lobby date Monday December 21 time 1030 to 1130 AM location Upper Dublin Public Library dates Monday December 28 time 1030 to 1130 AM location Upper Moreland Public Library date Fridays October 9 and January 8 time 1030 to 1130 AM location Wissahickon Public Library Blue Bell For dates and times of free screenings at other community locations call 215-481-2204 or visit our website at Jeerson.eduAbington. Cholesterol Screening Blood will be drawn from your arm for a total cholesterol count does not include HDLLDL ratio or triglycerides. The results will be mailed to you the next working day. No appointment necessary. Fasting not necessary. dates Mondays through Fridays time 8 AM to 4 PM location Abington Hospital Widener Building ground oor cashier fee 8 information 215-481-2269 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR Abington Jeerson Health is an American Heart Association training center which provides CPR and rst-aid training to community members at two locations. Pre-registration is required. Class size is limited. O-site training is available. Available programs include CPR Anytime Kits E-Learning Options Family and Friends CPR Healthcare Provider CPR Healthcare Providers Renewal CPR Heartsaver CPR and AED Heartsaver First Aid Heartsaver First Aid CPR and AED fee varies by class locations AHC Willow Grove Northwood Building Suite F OR Abington Lansdale Hospital Classroom AB lower level OR Grand View Hospital to register 215-361-6708 or Jeerson.eduAbington Cooking with the Doc Heart Healthy Holiday Cooking Join Richard Goldstein MD cardiologist with Abington Jeerson Healths Heart and Vascular Institute and the Giants Cooking School chef and nutritionist to learn new and healthy ways to prepare tasty low-cholesterol meals. date Thursday November 5 time 530 to 7 PM location Giant Food Store Willow Grove Community Center fee 15 per person to register 215-784-1960 or 1-866-446-2507 Speakers Bureau Abington Jeerson Health is committed to the health of our community. Thats why we have physicians and other healthcare professionals available to speak to your school service club civic group or religious organization. Best of all we oer this service free of charge. Topics include senior health orthopaedics urology nutrition smoking cessation cancer education womens health emergency care medication safety heart disease including hypertension and stress management caregiving maximizing your memory and much more. Abington Jeerson Health 215-481-7679 or Jeerson.eduAbington 3 Jeerson.eduAbington ORTHOPAEDIC AND SPINE INSTITUTE Considering a Joint Replacement FREE If you are considering replacing your hip or knee please join us for a free educational class. date Tuesday December 8 time 7 PM location Abington Lansdale Hospital Board Room to register 215-481-BONE 2663 or Jeerson.eduAbington Painful Knees Painful Hips FREE Join orthopaedic surgeons from the Orthopaedic and Spine Institute to learn more about minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery. They will introduce our latest technology the new robotic-assisted partial knee resurfacing procedure MAKOplasty. A question and answer period will be included to address specic knee replacement concerns. date Wednesday October 21 time 630 to 8 PM location Abington Lansdale Hospital Classrooms E F OR date Thursday November 19 time 630 to 8 PM location Abington Hospital Lenfest Pavilion Frobese Conference Center Zaslow Auditorium to register 215-481-BONE 2663 or Jeerson.eduAbington ABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH Heart and Stroke Risk Assessments FREE See page 2 for a list of dates times and locations. Movement Matters Exercise Group Parkinson Disease An exercise physiologist leads individuals with Parkinsons disease through a series of stretching strengthening and balance exercises using Therabands in a safe comfortable setting. Physician clearance is required. Participants must be independently mobile or have an assistant family member or caregiver throughout the 60-minute session. There is a six-person minimum and 10-person maximum. Call for dates times location and to register 215-481-5902. Sleep Disorders Centers Abingtons Sleep Disorders Centers have expert sleep specialists who diagnose and treat sleep conditions and oer the most eective treatments. Our dedicated sleep program for children is one of the few in the Delaware Valley focused on pediatric sleep problems. Located at Abington Hospital Jeerson Health Abington Lansdale Hospital and in four other locations in Montgomery and Bucks counties we use the latest technology and treatments to help patients achieve healthful sleep. Appointments are scheduled promptly. To see a sleep specialist call 215-481-2226. For the Sellersville location only call 215-453-8106. For information visit Jeerson.eduAbingtonBrain. NEUROSCIENCES INSTITUTE 4 Outreach Breast Cancer Screening and Education FREE This program is supported by the Philadelphia Aliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure . Women who are 40 years of age or older uninsured or underinsured and have not had a mammogram for one year are encouraged to register. Free clinical breast examination mammogram breast cancer awareness and instruction in breast self examination are provided. Services are provided in a welcoming environment with special attention to language assistance needs. On-site interpreters are available. Registration is required for appointment. date Wednesday October 21 and Wednesday March 16 2016 time 4 to 730 PM location AHC Willow Grove Northwood Building Suite F to register 215-481-2586 or Jeerson.eduAbington or 215-481-6864 Young Hee So registered nurse Korean language Look GoodFeel Better FREE This program helps women deal with changes in their appearance that may result from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Free cosmetic kits demonstrations and hair and facial makeovers provided. Sponsored by Abington Jeerson Health the American Cancer Society ACS and the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association. Class limited to 12. Meets bi-monthly. Call for dates times location and to register 1-800-227-2345. Reach to Recovery FREE This program provides peer support and education for women or men who are facing a possible diagnosis of breast cancer. Learn more about lumpectomy mastectomy andor breast reconstruction chemotherapy radiation therapy and other forms of treatment. Reach to Recovery volunteers are breast cancer survivors who have been trained by ACS. Patients and volunteers may meet face-to-face or by telephone. information 215-481-3191 breast cancer care coordinator or 888-227-5445 press 1 for referral Cancer-related Fatigue Program Physical therapists and exercise physiologists assist people who have cancer and are experiencing fatigue to help them restore their energy levels. dates Call for dates and times location AHC Willow Grove Willowood Building Suite 150 fee 60 for six sessions to register 215-481-2160 Cancer Risk Assessment Program FREE The Rosenfeld Cancer Center oers this program for those who may be at risk for developing breast and ovarian cancer andor colon and endometrial cancer and for anyone concerned about developing a secondary cancer. Participants receive counseling and education regarding genetic and environmental risk factors and are oered genetic testing when appropriate. information 215-481-2715 oncology clinical nurse specialist Prostate Cancer Support Group FREE This support group provides education support and encouragement to men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The group meets the second Monday of each month from 1 to 2 PM in the Garden Training Room at Abington Hospital. Contact Rebecca Zuspan at 215-481-6700 or Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia at Abington FREE Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia at Abington provides cancer support services such as support groups workshops lectures and social events for those living with cancer and their loved ones. Every Monday from 10 to 11 AM either chair yoga for cancer patients or guided meditation are oered. Support groups are held at 11 AM Breast Cancer Support Group on the rst Monday of the month Living With Cancer Support Group for any cancer diagnosis until 18 months post-treatment on the second and third Mondays Metastatic Cancer Support Group for individuals who have had cancer with metastases on the last Monday of the month. Please call or visit our website www.cancersupport- for more information. Program participants receive free parking vouchers. date Every Monday time 10 AM to 2 PM location Abington Hospital Garden Training Room Widener Building ground oor information 215-481-6700 or Rebecca THE ROSENFELD CANCER CENTER I f you succumb to this temptation and start scouring the Internet for more information will you be able to decipher if youre reading from a reputable source People can either become misinformed or unduly alarmed if trusting medical sites that have not been vetted said Jonathan Sternlieb MD Abington Hospitals and Abington Lansdale Hospitals chief medical information ocer. New websites and blogs pop up every day sometimes underwritten by TV or radio personalities with ties to the medical community that can make claims about symptoms associated with various medical conditions. Absorbing this type of information and believing it is factual and applies to your own health can be problematic and should always be vetted with ones primary care provider he said. If someone wants to deceive they can make it look really ocial. Just because a website appears to be ocial doesnt mean its reputable Dr. Sternlieb said. W hen it comes to TV or radio personalities he said you have to ask yourself why are they talking about it Did they just write a book theyre trying to promote Are they endorsing a product or medication Listen be receptive but also verify. You would never use a show or any personality online on TV or on the radio as the provider of your health care thats just someone rendering their opinion without a full evaluation Dr. Sternlieb said. And if youre looking at a personalitys website check to see if theres any degree of proprietary nature to it as it could be an advertisement not unbiased health information. Thats not the only thing you can look for to make sure a website is legitimate and contains reputable information. The HONcode is a non-governmental watchdog group that certies websites from ethical not content standards. You would see the code for example on the bottom of the title page of WebMD he said. A nother way you can ensure youre reading reputable health information is by obtaining that information from ocial government websites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC website and the U.S. National Library of Medicine website. In addition the U.S. Health and Human Services website provides links for health information. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a new medical condition you can learn more about it without worrying if the information is reputable by going to the conditions ocial societys website or seeking referrals for websites from your healthcare provider or support group Dr. Sternlieb said. You should never only use the Internet as your source for health care. But it is important to understand more about your condition thats where the true strength of information online on trustworthy sites lies he said. And when in doubt if you have any questions or concerns about your health or something youre reading about your health online validate it with your healthcare provider. 5 Jeerson.eduAbingtonABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH DONT BE FOOLED Where to Find Reputable Health Information Online When you have a persisting headache or sore throat a mole you think may have changed or a newly diagnosed medical condition youre probably tempted to search online to gure out what your ailment is or to learn all there is to know about your condition. 6 IDEAS FOR HEALTHY LIVING Dinner with the Docs Series at Abington Lansdale Hospital All Dinner with the Docs events are at the same time and location time 5 to 7 PM location Abington Lansdale Hospital Conference Room E and F fee 5 per session includes dinner to register 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington Diabetes What is it How do I Live with it Join William E. Vaughan Jr. DO and Eileen Sturner registered dietitian and certied diabetes educator for an informative presentation about diabetes. The presentation will include a discussion of what diabetes is as well as specic ways to manage the disease. date Wednesday October 7 Colon Health What You Need to Know Nisreen Madhoun DO specialist in minimally invasive colo-rectal treatment will discuss the keys to colon health with emphasis on how to keep your colon in tip-top shape. date Wednesday November 4 Diabetes Education The Diabetes Center oers Diabetes Self-Management Training programs at the AHC Willow Grove campus. Both group classes and individual sessions are oered. Our sessions provide a wide range of topics including meal planning diabetes medications preventing complications exercise and making adjustments for daily living. The Diabetes Center uses a team approach for education and counseling with you as the key member of the team. Registered nurses and registered dietitians who are also certied diabetes educators are dedicated to helping you gain control of your diabetes while maintaining an optimal state of health and wellbeing. Together the team will design an individualized plan that matches your lifestyle and educational needs. Comprehensive Diabetes Education A six-session program for individuals with diabetes and their family members. Gestational Diabetes Education and Medical Nutrition Therapy for Gestational Diabetes Includes orientation to gestational diabetes glucose meter instruction and meal planning. Learning to Take Insulin One-session program includes injection of insulin and related topics. For more information class locations and to register for any diabetes class contact The Diabetes Center AHC Willow Grove Northwood Building at 215-672-0899. Korean Education Dinner Program Is it Dementia Depression or Forgetfulness FREE Its normal to forget some things especially as we get older but when should we be concerned about memory loss Attend this program to learn about age-related memory loss vs. more severe memory impairment and how depression can contribute to cognitive decline. date Monday October 26 time 530 to 7 PM location Abington Lansdale Hospital Classrooms Room E and F to register 215-361-4422 Living Well Series Understanding Your Rights FREE A series of talks to stimulate your mind nourish your soul and heal your body. Learn what steps you can take to not only live longer but add more meaning and independence to your life. date Monday November 2 Making Important Decisions During a Medical Crisis date Monday December 7 Understanding Choices in Long-term Care time 1030 to 1130 AM location AHC Warminster Main Meeting Room OR date Monday October 12 Understanding Medicare date Monday November 9 Making Important Decisions During a Medical Crisis date Monday December 14 Understanding Choices in Long-term Care time 1030 to 1130 AM location Abington Lansdale Hospital Classrooms E F to register 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington Interpreter Services With prior notication Abington Jeerson Health can arrange for a language or sign language interpreter for individuals interested in attending any Community Health Services or training event. If you require interpreter services please contact Community Health Services at 215-481-2204 at least 48 hours prior to the event to request assistance. 7 Too Much of a Good Thing How Sugar and Salt can Destroy your Healthand What to do About it FREE Youve been hearing for years that too much salt raises blood pressure and damages your heart but did you know too much sugar may be just as dangerous These crave-worthy and sometimes addictive foods are all around us often lurking in unexpected places. What happens to all the sugars and salt we put in our bodies Come hear the latest scientic information on sugar salt and our health and get helpful tips on how to bust those cravings and make the best choices for your body. dates Thursday November 5 time 2 to 3 PM location Wissahickon Valley Public Library Blue Bell date Thursday January 21 2016 time 7 to 8 PM location Upper Dublin Public Library to register 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington Safe Harbor FREE The loss of a parent sibling or caregiver is a devastating experience for a child. Safe Harbor a program for grieving children teens and their families provides a caring environment where families can come for peer support and understanding. Groups are oered for children ages 4-18 young adults ages 19-29 and their parents and caregivers. Healing after Suicide and Moving On groups are also provided. Sessions are divided by age and meet for 1.5 hours twice a month from 630 to 8 PM. Please call Safe Harbor at 215-481-5983 or go to Jeerson.eduAbington for more information. Smoking Cessation Program Abington Hospital and Abington Lansdale Hospital are committed to helping those who are trying to quit smoking. The Smoking Cessation Program is a seven- week program that features a straight-forward realistic approach giving information and techniques for conquering the three ways smokers are linked to cigarettes addiction habit and psychological dependence. A minimum number of participants are required to hold a class. dates November 4 through December 9 Monday November 23 Quit Date time 6 to 8 PM location AHC Willow Grove Willowood Building Room 162 fees 60six-week session a 30 gift card will be provided to anyone attending all classes to register 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington Smoking Cessation Support Group FREE Striving to stay tobacco-free If you have recently participated in a tobacco cessation program but are still struggling join us to learn additional strategies and an extra measure of support. A minimum number of participants are required. date Second Tuesday of each month time 6 to 8 PM location AHC Willow Grove Willowood Building Room 162 to register 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington Freedom from Smoking Online information Websites for Smoking Cessation FREE for teens for women for general public Jeerson.eduAbingtonABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH 8 Your Abington Health Physicians practice now has its own website Visit Jeerson.eduAbingtonhealthphysicians and click on the name of your practice to go to the site. The website allows you to I Learn more about the practice I Check out physician proles I Find oce hours I Download a map and directions I Find out more about insurances I Receive practice updates and billing You can also communicate with us to I Request an appointment or referral I Renew a prescription I Leave a non-urgent message Institute for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions FREE Bariatric surgery is the only proven prescription for long-term weight loss for those struggling with obesity. Please join us for an informational seminar well explain your options answer questions and show you how our program can literally save your life. dates rst Tuesday of the month time 630 to 830 PM location Abington Hospital dates second Thursday of the month time 10 to 1130 AM location AHC Warminster IMBS Conference Room 2nd Floor dates third Thursday of the month time 630 to 8 PM location Abington Lansdale Hospital Classroom E F dates fourth Friday of the month time 11 AM to 1230 PM location AHC Warminster IMBS Conference Room 2nd Floor to register 215-481-2204 or Jeerson.eduAbington Institute for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Support Group FREE dates third Tuesday of the month time 7 to 9 PM location Abington Hospital Lenfest Pavilion Frobese Conference Center Make A DierenceDonate Blood FREE Please consider donating during one of our blood drives. Federal regulations require donors to wait 56 days between donations. Please bring your ID. datetime Please call for dates and times location Abington Hospital Lenfest Pavilion Frobese Conference Center OR Abington Lansdale Hospital Conference Room E and F appointments 215-481-REDC Geriatric Assessment Center The Geriatric Assessment Center focuses on nding the best methods to meet the needs of older adults and their families. Each individual who comes to the center receives a comprehensive evaluation by our team of healthcare providers. Members of the team include a fellowship-trained board-certied geriatrician a geriatric social worker and a certied geriatric nurse practitioner. For more information or to schedule an appointment 215-481-5640. FALL2015CLASSESPROGRAMSTOURSLOCATIONSJEFFERSON.EDUABINGTON 9 MULLER INSTITUTE FOR SENIOR HEALTH Operation Reassurance FREE Free call-in service for anyone age 60 and older. Participants call in each morning so trained sta members know how they are doing. If the participant does not call in a sta member calls them at home. If there is no answer sta follows pre-arranged directions to obtain help. information 215-481-2571 APPRISE FREE Apprise is a free health insurance counseling program designed to assist Pennsylvania residents age 60 and older. Specially trained volunteer counselors answer questions about Medicare benets supplemental plans and managed care options. For more information or to schedule an appointment 215-481-5740. ElderMed FREE This is a free wellness membership program dedicated to assisting individuals age 60 or older to stay healthy and well informed. Members are encouraged to participate in a variety of health and wellness tness and social programs. For more information or to become a member 215-481-5740 Memory Fitness Center The Memory Fitness Center oers a program designed to help sharpen the memory skills of older adults who are experiencing early memory loss or have been recently diagnosed with dementia. Seniors gain support and friendship from others attending the program which helps them feel more comfortable and condent. Participants choose their own activities and the number of four-hour sessions they wish to attend. The Memory Fitness Center is open from 11 AM to 3 PM Mondays through Thursdays at AHC Warminster. information or to register 215-441-6888 NEW The Memory Fitness Center is now open from 11 AM to 3 PM on Wednesdays at Abington Lansdale Hospital 51 Medical Campus Drive. The rst session is free To learn more or to register call Terry Shomberg at 215-855-8296. The Benets of Aging Navigating the Landscape FREE We all know changes come with aging but there are resources available to help. There are the benets of Medicare the benets of staying active and the benets of staying involved. Join us for this event sponsored by the Penn Suburban Chamber of Commerce for a panel discussion with experts in their eld as well as a resource expo for information and conversation. This program oers information for yourself or your loved ones about Medicare questions and open enrollment employment options exercise for seniors or volunteering. date Thursday October 22 time 8 AM registration and continental breakfast 830 AM to 12 PM program location Abington Lansdale Hospital Classrooms E and F to register 215-362-9200 or Safety and Disaster Planning for Alzheimers Patients FREE In this interactive program presented by the Safety Services consultant for the Alzheimers Association Delaware Valley Chapter attendees will learn how to identify safety concerns with wandering driving guns and the home. They will be instructed on how to recognize potentially dangerous behaviors and learn intervention techniques for these behaviors. Disaster preparedness for the dementia population will be discussed and local resources for persons with dementia and their caregivers will be provided. date Tuesday December 8 time 2 PM location Giant Food Store Willow Grove Community Center to register 215-481-5740 Jeerson.eduAbingtonABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH Volunteer Opportunities In Service To Our Community Volunteers are welcomed and are a signicant part of the healthcare team. Assignments are based upon individual skills and interests as well as the hospitals needs. Morning afternoon and evening assignments are available in patient care clerical fundraising or community-based positions. Call 215-481-2490 or e-mail for an application for Abington Hospital or for Abington Lansdale Hospital call 215-361-4484 Human Resources or visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington. 10 Svaroopa Hatha Yoga Svaroopa Hatha yoga classes assist in stress relief increased awareness of the mindbody connection and are helpful for people with back issues. People new to yoga are welcome. Our certied Svaroopa instructor focuses on breathing techniques proper body alignment and postures to improve exibility balance and coordination. Blocks straps blankets chairs and bolsters are used to assist students of all tness levels to achieve proper and safe alignment in the poses. Classes are ongoing and new students are welcome. dates Tuesdays SESSION 1 November 10 17 December 1 8 15 29 fee 75 for 6 classes SESSION 2 January 5 12 19 26 February 2 9 fee 75 for 6 classes SESSION 3 February 16 23 March 1 8 15 22 fee 75 for 6 classes time 6 to 715 PM fee 75 for 6 classes location AHC Warminster Main Building Fitness Classroom 1 rst oor to register 215-481-6888 Integrative Medicine Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga classes assist in stress relief and increased awareness of the mindbody connection. Classes are ongoing but newcomers are welcome. Our certied hatha yoga instructor focuses on breathing techniques proper body alignment and poses to improve exibility balance and coordination. Blocks straps blankets chairs and bolsters are used to assist students of all tness levels. Wear comfortable loose tting-clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one. Classes are ongoing. dates Wednesdays SESSION 1 November 11 18 December 2 9 16 30 fee 60 for 6 classes SESSION 2 January 6 13 20 27 February 3 10 fee 60 for 6 classes SESSION 3 February 17 24 March 2 9 16 23 fee 60 for 6 classes time 530 to 630 PM location AHC Warminster Main Building Fitness Classroom 1 rst oor to register 215-481-6888 Integrative Medicine INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE SERVICES Faith Community Nursing FREE Faith Community Nurses FCN also known as parish nurses reach out to people in their faith communities. FCNs serve as health educators personal health counselors patient advocates and as the eyes and ears of hospitals and physicians to ensure that patients understand and follow their instructions. Most importantly they integrate the concepts of physical emotional and spiritual health to enrich the lives of their communities. Abington Jeerson Health oers an introduction to FCN program as well as several educational opportunities throughout the year. Contact 215-481-2204 for information. 11 FALL2015CLASSESPROGRAMSTOURSLOCATIONSJEFFERSON.EDUABINGTON ExPECTANT PARENTS AND PARENTING Ask the Pediatrician FREE Covers topics important to expectant parents including choosing to breast or bottle feed jaundice safety immunizations and selecting a care provider for your newborn. Oered as an open forum presentation parents will have the opportunity to speak with an Abington Hospital pediatrician. Pre-registration is required. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Breastfeeding 1 Taught by a nurse trained in lactation counseling or an IBCLC you will learn about breastfeeding for the rst two to four weeks after the baby is born. Some of the topics covered include importance of a proper latch how often should a newborn nurse how can you determine if things are going well when and where to call for breastfeeding assistance. Information about how your milk supply is made preventing and treating sore nipples signs and symptoms of mastitis plugged ducts as well as other concerns you should be aware of are also covered. The class will help build your awareness of what to expect as a new mom and increase your condence about breastfeeding your baby. Support persons should attend with mom. Bring a doll or teddy bear for the part of the class discussing how to hold your newborn while nursing. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Breastfeeding 2 Discussion will include how to use a pump which pump is best for moms who return to work and how to maintain milk supply while away from her baby. The breast milk storage workplace law will be discussed as well as information to support a mom on how to know how often she needs to pump. This class may be taken either before or after the baby is born. Babies are welcome with their parents. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Breastfeeding Support Services Breastfeeding provides nourishment and comfort for a baby. When a mother and her baby are separated breast pumps are a great way to secure breast milk for future feedings. Breastfeeding supplies including high-quality electric pumps for rent or purchase and other accessories including nursing bras are available in our breastfeeding support oce. location Abington Hospital Breastfeeding Services information call for hours and an appointment 215-481-6106 Caring for Baby In this one-session class expectant parents receive practical information on caring for their newborn including hospital procedures newborn appearances and basic care. Visit Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Childbirth Education Classes Expectant mothers and their partners learn the value of teamwork to optimize their delivery experience. Topics include when to contact your physician breathing and relaxation techniques stages of labor medication options and delivery techniques. Various class options are also available to accommodate busy schedules. Register during the fth month of pregnancy to allow optimal availability. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Child Safety Seat Inspection FREE Four out of ve car seats are used incorrectly yours could be one of them Abington Hospital in partnership with Safe Kids Coalition now oers car seat inspection free of charge by a certied technician. Registration is required. Call 215-590-5437 for dates times and locations. Jeerson.eduAbingtonABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH Support Groups Abington Jeerson Health hosts many support groups on a variety of issues and topics. For a complete listing or more information call 215-481-2204 or visit Jeerson.eduAbington. 12 Expectant Parents Orientation FREE A MaternalChild Department sta member discusses the hospitals maternity services and gives a guided tour of the maternity suites. Expectant parents should register around the fth month of pregnancy. Pre-registration is required. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Prenatal Yoga Conducted by a certied prenatal yoga instructor this class will help to increase exibility reduce stress and decrease the discomforts associated with pregnancy. A waiver form is required to bring to the rst class which can be found on Jeerson.eduAbington under Classes and Events. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Sibling Preparation FREE Sponsored by Abington Hospital Childbirth Education this class prepares three- to six-year-olds for the arrival of a new baby in the family. Pre-registration is required. Please visit our website Jeerson.eduAbington or call 215-481-6800 for information and registration. Building the Family Parents Support Group FREE Has the birth of your child changed your life Do you feel alone Youre not Each month moms and dads share their experiences and support each other through the challenges of being a teen parent. This fun monthly group provides help with food clothing housing as well as the support needed to get you through school. Ages 13-24. date Second Monday of each month time 630 to 830 PM location Abington Hospital Garden Terrace Training Room Widener Building to register or call Child Home and Community at 215-348-9770 Babysitting Workshop Join us for this workshop developed and presented by Child Home and Community sta for children ages 11-14. This six-hour interactive program taught by experienced and trained workshop facilitators is designed to help young people become more qualied and responsible as babysitters. Child care and emergency basics are covered. Please contact us to set up programs or to register. date Saturday December 5 time 9 AM to 3 PM location Abington Hospital fee 60 to register or call Child Home and Community at 215-348-9770. 13 FALL2015CLASSESPROGRAMSTOURSLOCATIONSJEFFERSON.EDUABINGTON In scal year 2014 Abington Memorial Hospital now Abington Hospital Jeerson Health provided over 70 million dollars in community benet Lansdale Hospital now Abington Lansdale Hospital Jeerson Health provided over 3 million dollars in community benet. Financial Assistance Subsidized Health Services In scal year 2014 Abington Hospital provided over 41 million in nancial assistance and subsidized health services for members of its community. During that same period Abington Lansdale Hospital provided 2.5 million in uninsured and underinsured health services. Health Education and Screenings AH and ALH provide many free or low-cost programs throughout the year designed to educate the community regarding health risk factors or to support early detection through health screenings. During scal year 2014 AH and ALH together provided more than 3.7 million in free health education screenings in-kind donations and other community support. Preparing Our Future Healthcare Providers As a teaching hospital Abington Hospital educates many physicians nurses and allied healthcare professionals. The hospital maintains residency programs in family medicine internal medicine OBGYN general surgery and dentistry. In scal year 2014 AH provided over 25.4 million in medical education programs. Research Abington Jeerson Health conductsopens more than 100 clinical research studies each year. The Center for Clinical Research facilitates all of Abingtons ongoing research endeavors. In scal year 2014 over 363000 was spent in research initiatives. Learn More Detailed reports of community benet activity at Abington Jeerson Health as well as the Community Health Needs Assessments and Action Plans are available at Jeerson.eduAbington. COMMUNITY BENEFIT REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2014 Abington Assesses Health Needs of the Community Abington Memorial Hospital AH Lansdale Hospital ALH and their parent organization Abington Health now Abington Jeerson Health are NON-PROFIT 501c3 organizations with a strong mission of community service and outreach. In June of 2013 the two hospitals published comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessments to gauge the overall health of the communities they serve and to help set the agenda for programs and services in the years to come. Physicians and sta from both hospitals have been hard at work implementing three year action plans to address the areas of need which were identied in the assessments. Abington works to create the healthiest community by orchestrating targeted outreach for maximum community benet while reducing health disparities and has successfully completed all actions plan goals and objectives designated for scal years 2014 and 2015. Work on the 2016 Abington Jeerson Health Community Health Needs Assessment is now underway. OVERALL COMMUNITY BENEFIT 2014 Giving Back to Our Community For complete information on Abingtons general nancial assistance policy visit Jeerson.eduAbington Jeerson.eduAbingtonABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH Abington Fitness Institute Our medically supervised facility has been serving our community for 30 years and can help you achieve your tness goals. Our sta of exercise physiologists can develop an appropriate exercise program for you. With over 40 cardiovascular machines a 13-station Cybex total body circuit dumbbells and functional training equipment we have all the tools you need for a great workout experience. For more information call 215-481-5900 or stop by for a tour at the AHC Willow Grove Willowood Building Suite 100. We are a Silver Sneakers location. The Center for Parenting Education 1863 Old York Road Suite B Abington Elkins Park Library 563 Church Road Elkins Park Foulkeways at Gwynedd 1120 Meetinghouse Road Gwynedd Giant Food Store 315 York Road Willow Grove Grand View Hospital 700 Lawn Avenue Sellersville Meadowood Retirement Community 3205 Skippack Pike Lansdale Upper Dublin Public Library 805 Loch Alsh Avenue Fort Washington Upper Moreland Public Library 109 Park Avenue Willow Grove Wissahickon Public Library Blue Bell 650 Skippack Pike Route 73 Blue Bell Abington Hospital 1200 Old York Road Abington Abington Lansdale Hospital 100 Medical Campus Drive Lansdale Abington Health Center Blue Bell 721 Arbor Way Blue Bell Abington Health Center Willow Grove Northwood Building 2729 Blair Mill Road Willow Grove Pennwood Building 2500 Maryland Road Willow Grove Willowood Building 2510 Maryland Road Willow Grove Abington Health Center Warminster 225 Newtown Road Warminster Abington Health Center Lower Gwynedd 605 North Bethlehem Pike Lower Gwynedd Abington Urgent Care Centers 1045 Bustleton Pike Feasterville 1820 Bethlehem Pike Flourtown ABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH CLASS LOCATIONS OTHER CLASS LOCATIONS FREE Guides For information or a free guide to Abington Hospital Abington Lansdale Hospital or to any of our campuses visit Jeerson.eduAbington call 215-481-MEDI or email us at 14 FALL2015CLASSESPROGRAMSTOURSLOCATIONSJEFFERSON.EDUABINGTON 15 The Center for Parenting Education The Center for Parenting Education 1863 Old York Road Suite B Abington PA 19001 Fees vary per program. For more information or to register call 215-657-5720 or visit The Center for Parenting Education website or Jeerson.eduAbington How parents raise their children is the bedrock of emotionally healthy families. The following parenting education programs help parents to create a home environment and a parentchild relationship in which their children can thrive. Parenting educators provide well-researched information and teach practical skills so that parents learn new approaches and realize they are not alone in the challenges they face as they raise their children. dates time Educational Workshops All workshops will be held from 7 9 PM at the Giant Super Food Store Willow Grove and cost 15 for members of The Parenting Center and 20 for non-members unless otherwise noted. Thursday October 20 Promoting Responsibility For parents of children A Key to Success ages 3 and up Wednesday November 18 Truth about Consequences For parents of children ages 3 and up dates time Live Online Workshops in a Virtual Meeting Room FREE Tuesday January 26 Turning Conict into Cooperation For parents of children 830 to 930 AM The Skill of Problem Exploration ages 3 and up The Parenting Center also oers Personal Parenting Coaching one-on-one sessions designed to meet the needs of your family. Call 215-657-5720 for more information. Check out the large Library of Parenting Articles Library of Parenting Resources and the Recommended Book List on our website Jeerson.eduAbingtonABINGTON JEFFERSON HEALTH Maternal Health Services 10 REASONS TO TRUST ABINGTON HOSPITAL JEFFERSON HEALTH TO DELIVER YOUR BABY 1 Our staff of caring experienced board-certified physicians working with certified registered nurse practitioners nurses and technicians. 2 Our comprehensive advanced infertility services including pre-implantation embryo screening and a staff of full-time reproductive endocrinologists. 3 High-risk pregnancy services including full-time perinatologists and genetic counselors the Prenatal Testing and Fetal Diagnostic centers and a dedicated inpatient MOM Maternal Observation and Monitoring unit. 4 Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU staffed by eight full-time neonatologists and four neonatal clinical nurse practitioners and highly skilled clinical staff. 5 Educational programs to help prepare you for pregnancy childbirth breastfeeding parenting and more 6 Board-certified pediatricians and family practitioners on staff to care for your child. 7 The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia CHOP Care Network physicians from the internationally known pediatric medical center provide care in our Emergency Trauma Center inpatient unit and the specialty care center. 8 Home care services for high-risk moms before delivery and maternal baby care after leaving the hospital. 9 Beautiful inpatient units including what we believe is the areas first selfie background mural for babys first photo. 10 Since 1914 hundreds of thousands of parents have trusted us more than 240000 babies have been born here For information visit AbingtonMaternity